NASA Technology

NASA Stem Cell Innovation

Necessity Sparks Innovation

When you think of NASA, you typically think of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, the Space Shuttle or maybe even the upcoming mission to Mars.

However, I bet the last thing you would expect to be on the minds of these heroic men and women is their skin – but, its a bigger problem than you might think. The effects of space travel take its toll, resulting in thinning of the skin, a loss of collagen, decreased elasticity – and, most importantly, loss of cellular regeneration.

As a result, astronauts experience itchy, dry skin, increased sensitivity, skin infections, even a delay in the healing of wounds and burns.

Out Of This World Technology

NASA scientists discovered that in zero-gravity, they can replicate how stem cells are naturally produced 3-dimensionally in the body, providing a distinct advantage over those produced in a lab.

NASA was able to produce a nutrient-dense, 3-Dimensional biomimetic suspension rich in growth factors and anti-inflammatory cytokines, improving cell-cell and cell-matrix communication, reducing inflammation, replenishing the extracellular matrix and regaining the skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate and heal.

To bring this technology back to earth, NASA’s dedicated team developed a rotating zero-gravity bioreactor with a magnetic field that duplicates the weightlessness of space.

International Space Station Stem Cells
NASA Bringing it Home

Bringing It Home

After a scientific meeting where the NASA technology system was presented, industry expert David Pollock realized that this technology couldn’t be reserved just for astronauts.

He knew that this breakthrough science would create a paradigm shift in the world of therapeutic skin care and formed Zero-Gravity Sciences, a joint-venture with exclusive rights to help NASA utilize this technology.

Next, he assembled a team of doctors and scientists, installed one of the bio-reactors in his lab and went to work. After thousands of man hours, Rejuvel® was born.

Rejuvel® is a revolutionary line of dermatological solutions that mimic the skin’s natural structure, working in harmony to lock in moisture, support healthy collagen levels, deliver key nutrients and promote natural healing.

Clinically Proven

With hundreds of articles published in medical journals about the technology, Rejuvel went further and carried out two different independent clinical studies to test the effectiveness with 100% of the participants showed real and noticeable improvements. In one study, 32 test subjects used the product for six weeks and reported:

Skin appears brighter and more radiant90.6%
Experienced improvement in firmness and elasticity81.3%
Fine lines were less noticeable84.4%
Deep wrinkles were less noticeable78.1%
Skin hydration, moisture increased87.5%
Had smoother, softer skin100%