Most Innovative Formula of 2015

Rejuvel 3D has been awarded “Most Innovative Formula of 2015” by Accord Media’s Truth In Aging” publication. Truth In Aging has been online since 2008 and was founded and is headed by Marta Wohrle. Marta’s mission through the Truth In Aging website is to offer truthful and unbiased guidance to people seeking to improve their physical health and appearance through skin care, hair care, health and beauty products, and salon and clinical treatments.


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About Us

Rejuvel Bio-Sciences, Inc. (NUUU), the parent company of Rejuvel Int’l, Inc., has created REJUVEL 3D, which is based on technology developed by NASA to grow cells in an environment that mimics the near weightlessness of space.

REJUVEL 3D is the first ever three-dimensional skin renewal system using NASA patented technology, exclusively licensed from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund under U.S. Patent Nos. 6,730,498 and 6,485,963 B1 and 6,673,597 B2. This technology allows for REJUVEL 3D to be produced with an ingredient that has anti-aging properties found in no other product.

The story of Rejuvel begins with experiments in space. One of the problems that must be solved before humans can travel to distant planets or stars is how to treat the inevitable wounds and diseases that astronauts will get. Was it possible to grow cells in space that might be able to provide, say, replacement skin or organs, NASA researchers asked?

Well, not only was the growing of cells possible, astronauts discovered that the cells also grow better in the microgravity of space than they do on Earth, forming three-dimensional structures instead of just spreading across a flat surface. The difference was so striking, that researchers at Johnson Space Center, along with Tulane University’s scientists, including astronaut Dr. David Wolf and inventor Thomas Goodwin, wondered if the benefits could also be achieved on the ground. They designed a rotating cylinder, dubbed a rotating wall vessel bioreactor, that keeps the cells and the growth medium suspended within the device, to try and mimic the microgravity of space.

The idea worked. The researchers were able to expand everything from human kidney and lung cells to human fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are a type of cell found in connective tissue that makes collagen, a key protein in skin and other substances that aid in skin and tissue repair.

Moreover, the fibroblasts grown in microgravity increased collagen and other regenerative substances. The scientists realized that the substances could be used in applications that would heal and rejuvenate skin. They patented the rotating wall bioreactor and the various fields of use.

Former NASA employees started a company to develop various uses of the bioreactor but struggled. Rejuvel saw the promise of the bioreactor technology and decided to bring the product to market after licensing the patents from NASA.

In order to find the most effective candidate ingredients, they looked at a variety of cells and determined that of those which could be extracted from plants, an ideal candidate was a type of green tea called “Camellia.”

Sinensis cells taken from the “callus” that the tea plant makes to cover a wound, turned out to grow beautifully in the bioreactor and because callus cells resemble stem cells (which can become any part of the plant), they produce a wider variety of growth factors and other substances than a typical green tea leaf cell.

Green tea extract has already been shown to have many health benefits, including anti-aging properties, and natural UV ray sun protection. Among other substances, it contains scores of compounds called flavonoids, which are known to have anti-inflammatory and other properties and which can help skin cells recover from sun damage and other injuries. So it’s no surprise that many skin care products already contain extracts from the plant.

But Rejuvel’s bioreactor, using the green tea callus cells, appears to make a much more potent and effective extract than is found in any other products. They culture the cells differently, using NASA patented technology to do so, and their extract has more active components. The extract is added to various creams mixed with a proprietary formula. The first product to come to market is REJUVEL 3D, in reference to the three-dimensional cell culture in the NASA-developed bioreactor.

“No other cosmetic manufacturer has what we have,” says Charles Scimeca, CEO and President of Rejuvel.

REJUVEL 3D has been created as a direct result of space technology which has been inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame.

For more information about Rejuvel’s relationship with NASA, please enjoy the following links:

NASA has a program called the “Technology Transfer Program: Bringing NASA Technology Down To Earth.” They publish an annual online magazine called “Spinoff.” We were featured in the 2015 edition. You can see the article written about us by NASA at this link.

In August 2014, representatives from our company traveled to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX to renew our licensing agreement with NASA. Afterwards, we were featured in an article at this link on the nasa.gov website as well as an article on the CosmeticsDesign.com website.